The Comforting TV Shows We Can’t Stop Rewatching

During recent stress and uncertainty, many of us have become creatures of habit when it comes to our entertainment. We scroll through Netflix for hours, perusing a roster of fresh material that has long been on our ‘must-watch list’, before settling on that one show we’ve already exhausted ten times over; and there’s a reason behind why we do this.

Revisiting TV shows offers us a much-needed sense of familiarity in place of the heightened excitement and anticipation that comes with watching something new. We know what’s going to happen to Walter White; we know if Ross and Rachel will end up together; and we know what Marissa Cooper’s fate will be – but we can’t help but go through it all again. Whether we’re watching as intently as we were the first time, or just utilising shows for background noise, the nostalgia of revisiting a series we know and love brings us comfort in times of chaos. Here are the shows Team Whistles can’t stop returning to.


“Seinfeld is brilliant if you enjoy humour in the ordinary events that shape our day-to-day. The main characters are so unique and well-developed that you find yourself yearning to be part of their group and spend all afternoon bickering inside a deli. If you need fashion inspiration, Elaine is one of the chicest women on TV. Her style is still so relevant and I definitely take inspiration from her when I’m styling the Whistles woman. Be sure to keep an eye on how the men dress too: it’s pure ‘90s fashion envy with oversized coats, knits and blazers!”

– Camila, Brand Styling Editor



“Love is a binge-worthy rom-com, albeit not your conventional love story. Set in LA, it follows the new friendship between Mickey and Gus, who meet in a supermarket and hit it off straight away. It’s extremely funny, but also tackles some tough realities of navigating new relationships and life situations in general. I’ve just finished watching it for the third time, and I would highly recommend it for some escapism! There are 3 seasons to keep you occupied.”

– Lucy H, Junior Online Trading Manager


“Master of None is teeming with charm, wit, and heart. Covering a wide spectrum of subjects like cultural assimilation, racism, romance, family, and sexuality, the show places honesty and intelligence at its heart. Brilliantly written, humour is conveyed more through conversation and observational comedy than transparent punch-lines, whilst the show’s killer soundtrack is also deserving of a special mention! I find that the episodes stay with me long after I stop watching, and the cast members feel more like my acquaintances than fictional characters. I can’t see myself ever getting bored of that feeling of familiarity.”

– Donna, Editorial & Social Media Assistant


“I find myself rewatching Sex and The City a lot during any trying times. Although parts of it haven’t aged well and actually fall into the painfully awkward category (Carrie’s friend, artist and ‘modelizer’ Barkley from Season 1 – I’m looking at you especially), there is something so calming about having the series on in the background, like sitting down with some fun – albeit slightly problematic – old friends.”

– Charlotte, Senior Brand Editor & Creative Producer


“Whilst everyone has been busy watching Bridgerton, I’ve been revisiting the BBC original series of Pride and Prejudice. It’s my millionth time rewatching the show and it never fails to cheer me up, especially during these weird times. Colin Firth as Mr Darcy? A perfect combination that’s brightening my lockdown experience.”

– Anna, Senior PR & Communications Manager


“I got into Buffy The Vampire Slayer when I was at school (and perhaps a little too young) and I’d never discovered anything that explored ‘girl power’ and feminism as much as this supernatural, teen comedy before. I still love to rewatch it every few years. By day, Buffy navigates mean girls, friendships, and boys, whilst by night, she fights demons and supernatural villains – what a mix! As I got older, I appreciated how the series explored unexpected heavy topics too, from domestic violence and addiction to depression and loss.”

– Helena, Junior Content & Social Media Editor


“Girls makes me laugh, cry and cringe. I love the relationships between all the characters, Elijah and Hannah in particular. Two of my particular highlights from the show are Marnie’s wedding and when Hannah goes to surf school: these moments always lighten my mood when I’m feeling glum, and I can keep watching the show over and over without ever getting bored.”

– Kate, Head of Creative


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